General Information

From the Quest main menu, select File > New > New Post.

Enter the name FANUC_3X in the Post-processor Name field.

Select the NA (Not Available) option for the Post-processor ID.

Select Mill as the Machine Type.

Pay attention to the information window at the bottom of the Quest interface. This information area is context sensitive. That is, as you move the cursor to different areas within the Quest input fields and selection controls, the information area will display useful information related to the field or control that currently has focus.

Next, select the ‘Machine Axis’ tab. Make sure that the ‘Does the machine have a Z axis?’ checkbox is selected.

Next, select the ‘Identification’ tab. Enter the information as shown in the graphic below.

Next, select the Other tab.

Make sure the Primary unit system is set to MM.

Make sure the Secondary unit system is set to NA.

The Machine positioning selection should be set to Both.

The Positioning mode change method should be set to Codes.

Fanuc supports both absolute and incremental positioning via the codes G90 (Absolute) and G91 (Incremental). The Preferred positioning mode should be set to Absolute and the Default positioning mode set to None. By setting this to None, we insure that we get an explicit output of the proper positioning G-code at the beginning of the NC code file created by the post-processor.

To set the Primary unit system to G-code, click on the button to the right of the input field. Select the G option and then click on the 21 button. This will give us an explicit G21 code for establishing the unit system in the NC code file created by the post-processor.

Once you have set all the information in the ‘Other’ tab, click on the ‘OK’ button at the right, just above the information area, to accept all of the settings. This will close the ‘General Information’ section of the post-processor shown in the tree view in the left-hand portion of the Quest interface.