Next, double-click on the ‘Spindle’ node under the ‘Machine Description’ node. These settings contain all the information related to spindle settings on the CNC machine tool. Select the ‘General’ tab. Copy all the settings shown in the graphic below.

Make sure to review what is displayed when you allow the cursor to hover over a specific input field or control as well as what is in the information area at the bottom of the interface as you move through the various input fields and controls.

Next, select the ‘Gears’ tab. We will assume that our 3-axis CNC machining center has a direct-drive spindle and therfore will not require specifiying spindle range gearing.

Next, select the ‘Range Data’ tab.

We will set our spindle resolution to 1 RPM. This means our 3-axis machining center will only support RPM commands formatted as whole numbers (integers). The smallest RPM command supported by the machine is 50 RPM. The maximum RPM supported by the machine is 12,000 RPM.