QUEST developer interface

All development done on a post-processor is accomplished through the developer platform, Quest. The Quest interface can be though of being divided into two main sections.

In the first part of questionnaire portion of Quest, you will answer questions about your machine and controller. These questions include the General Description, Machine Description, Control Description and Automated Canned Cycles sections.

After completing these 5 sections, you will have a post-processor that provides you with an output that is specific to your machine and controller with the correct kinematic behavior, data formatting and NC syntax.

In the Post-processor Customization section, you will further customize the post-processor to achieve what the previous sections were unable to. All customization done in this section is different from the previous sections because the questionnaire no longer asks you questions. Instead, this section makes use of the ICAM macro language. This section includes the Startup/Shutdown Procedures where you can directly control what happens in key moments, e.g. tool change or program start/finish. This section also includes the User Defined Syntax Macros which allows you to customize the behavior of individual Post-Processor commands. Additionally, you can create your own User Function Macros to be used in your post-processor customization.